WixStores – Best E-commerce Platform for Business Owners

Building a noticeable e-commerce website is the latest trend for online businesses. There is no doubt that e-commerce has become the fastest growing industry in the past few years. Recent stats say that the 70 % of buyers plan to pay for online shopping.

If you’re the one who would like to create an e-commerce website for your business, you should consider some outstanding usability and accessibility features for your customers. You might be baffled about the creation of a stunning online store, since you don’t want to play with the coding part of the website.

So, what would be the perfect solution for you? Are you thinking of hiring a professional web designer to setup an e-commerce site? Do you believe that, only the tech savvy persons who have vast programming language skills can construct online stores? If you nod your head up and down for my questions, then I’d say “No” and you may stop worrying now!

Yes, WixStores from Wix.com is at your rescue to build the dazzling e-commerce site for your online business. Let’s discuss the key particulars of this e-commerce website builder through this post. Before getting into the discussion, below are the few words about Wix, so that it would help you to recognize its capabilities in a better way.

Know About Wix

WiX.com is a popular cloud-based website builder, which allows people to produce a professional web presence free of cost. This amazing web builder was founded in the year 2006 and a couple of years after that, it launched its dynamic HTML5 editor.  As it uses powerful technology, you’ll get complete freedom to build and manage your business online.

Having more than 64 millions of users worldwide indicates the prominence of WiX and you’ll adore its top grade hosting &App market. You don’t need to have any creative limits and coding knowledge since you’ll be required just to drag and drop your preferred elements to put up your business site.

Assemble Your Online StoreBy WixStores

The online e-commerce store builder of Wix is WixStores that has smoothest drag & drop interface to create your dramatic online store. It is easy to make your store pretty as it contains hundreds of templates to choose and many easy-to-use tools.

With WixStores, you can create your own e-commerce website in just a few steps. There is no need to buy the web hosting and design for your online store. Besides, you’ll get the complete control over the look & usability of your e-commerce website and don’t need to do anything for its mobile-friendliness.

Steps To Form an Online Store with WixStores

Building a WixStores online store is not a complicated process! Just a few clicks are needed to create an impressive site, where you can get the variety of customization options to design your e-commerce site according to your needs. Follow the steps!

  1. Go to Wix.com and click “Sign-in
  2. Sign-in with your email-id and choose “Online Stores” category. You will have the option to pick your “Sub-category

3. Now, you’ll get many templates and you may choose the desired one. Click “Edit” to start the customization.

4. Wix HTML editor will load to give you the exciting options like Pages, Design, Add, App Market, Settings and WixStores as shown in the below image.


  1. Once you’ve finished customizing your website, “save” your work.
  2. Now, you may hit “Publish” at the top right corner of the site to make your online store live. However, if you want to get the advanced features of WixStores, hit “Upgrade” button near Publish. You’ll want to upgrade to either the “e-Commerce” or the “VIP” plans.
  1. Now, you’ll be redirected to their pricing plan as shown in the below page.You’ll want to upgrade to either the “e-Commerce” or the “VIP” plans in order to use WixStores.
  1. By submitting your Credit Card and Address details, you can purchase the premium package.

Remarkable Features of WixStores

WixStores has immeasurable features, but I’d like to highlight the most excellent ones:

  • Impressive collection of pre-made templates to choose from
  • Ultra-simple HTML5 based editor for extended customizability
  • Free & secure hosting
  • Possibility of setting up a separate product page for every item
  • Easier integration and store management elements
  • Contains stunning storefront and discount code creator
  • WixShoutOut to send Newsletters and other smart actions
  • Ability of offering discount coupons on your products
  • Option to add multimedia to attract customers
  • Safe shopping cart with multiple payment modes like PayPal, Authorize.net or offline payments
  • Easy to manage and track your store’s inventory
  • Dedicated 24 x 7 live support and video tutorial for help


There are so many online store builders available for you today, but choosing a platform that has flexibility to add advanced functions for your customers would let you reach success in your e-commerce business. If yourwebsite was structured in such a way so that your visitors could easily browse their favourite products, it would cause your business to advance the next level, wouldn’t it?

You may build such stunning e-commerce websites with WixStores without any coding knowledge. Here, you may form your unique website for your e-commerce business that reflects your brand. In addition, you’ll get a number of categories of functions that you can integrate to your online stores.

So, why are you still scratching your head? Without a second thought, just visit WixStores to make a stunning e-commerce site for your business. What could you sense with this excellent website builder? Do you like the astonishing features of WixStores? Would you like to give a try on building your own online store through WixStores? Leave your opinion in the comment section.