Top Ways to Program an App

1. Gigster

There’s a new way to make mobile apps in town, it’s called Gigster.  Just send them an idea for your app, and they send an app back.  No need to hire coders, grab freelancers, or learn complicated programming languages.

Their developers will turn your proposal into a plan, then their remote developers will build your application.  They’ve already created a clever dating app for religious millennials and has over 50 more projects in the works. To date, they already have 1 million in sales.

They charge a flat rate fee instead of an hourly rate.

Cons: One major downside is that Gigster technically owns the code they make for you, and they lease it to you.

2. Freelancers: and are great places to grab talent for creating your next app.  You can usually get a great price.  Freelancers are eager to impress so they can obtain good ratings.

Cons:  Sometimes it may be difficult to communicate with freelancers, as they are at times swamped with other jobs or may not be proficient in the English language.

3. Students:

Check your local community college/university.  A lot of times students are looking for side projects/income.  If you belong to a reputable business, sometimes colleges will offer student coders for your project at a discount price.  Check with their computer science department

Cons: At some colleges it may take the full semester/quarter to produce a finished result.  Coding could prove to be elementary and bug prone.

4. Hire local developers

Check craigslist.  You’d be surprised how much local talent there is for developing your code.  Keeping things local can make it easier to have face-to-face meetings, keep deadlines and work in local currency/time zones.

5. Learn how to program

Over the years, it has surprised me how much easier it is getting to program.  I remember learning in basic back in the 80s.  We’ve come a long way.  Swift, Java and .net are a lot of fun to learn.  With several tutorials online you can even use your new skills to make some extra side money after you’ve developed your own app.