HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP online courses

I often get asked about learning code and how to best go about it, whether people should read books or go and do college courses.

Recently I stumbled across these three online courses that I’m currently working through when I get a spare minute.

They can be a bit complex at certain bits but on the whole they’ve really helped with my coding and back-end website work.

First off the HTML and CSS guide

This guide is the easiest  one and really straight forward. If you only do one course make sure it’s this one as it will really help with all your coding needs and you’ll probably be able to rectify most of your website’s problems with just this

The Javascript Guide

This is a bit more complex and probably not necessary if you are just trying to edit your business or personal site. This is more for people who want to edit or build responsive parts on their site.

PHP Course

This is more for people wanting to do coding on apps and plug-ins. I wouldn’t recommend it for people who are at a basic level of programming or don’t really do web design. Still some may find it useful so it could be worth looking at.

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Thanks, Darrell.