How to choose your first programming language?

What is the best programming language to start learning from? The list from which to choose is quite stable. It remains unchanged for about twenty years. For example, the C language appeared back in 1972, and after 47 years, according to the TIOBE index, it became a real leader. Note that choosing one or another option, focusing on indices, is far from the best solution. At a certain stage, because of the complexities, you may decide that programming is “not for you”.

It is also possible to approach the choice of a programming language for study in terms of analyzing its convenience. But for a novice programmer, information from the fact that Python uses dynamic visibility constraints will be completely useless.

What criteria should be given special attention when choosing? The most important will be the speed of learning. The intuitive languages include Python and JavaScript, but they may not be suitable for solving a number of tasks? But you need to know them if you want to work in top Java Development Company. If you want to learn a programming language in order to start making money on this skill as soon as possible, you should do a market analysis for the demand for such specialists.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the earnings of programmers with an average and high degree of training are approximately the same. The top salaries are actually received by the best specialists, and in order to get into their number, you need to fall in love with such work. We advise you to approach the choice having previously decided on the area in which you want to work.

For example, if there is no desire to deal with a visual component, then Front-end, mobile development is not suitable for you. And vice versa: if you plan to work in this area, you will constantly interact with designers and graphic editors, for whom it will be important that the site matches the layout as closely as possible.

If you do not want to work with graphics, but at the same time you have a desire to deal with the web, then you can use Back-end development. To do this, you need to be able to create a database and work with it, as well as manage a server on Linux.

Are you more interested in administration? Then DevOps is for you. If you want to do all the work “from” and “to”, then use the development of mobile applications. I like to create, test and maintain systems – an embedded programmer. You are a perfectionist and you are interested in finding errors, then automation QA engineer. And if you do not like complex calculations and work related to mathematics, then skip data science, game dev.

JavaScript programming language

The language of the Internet is JavaScript. It is used by many popular browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. If you want to become a full-stack developer, then you need to learn JavaScript to create a front-end.

It is not as easy to learn as Python, but it is still understandable and accessible to beginners. Its advantage is the ability to experiment with JS code from the browser without changing the settings of auxiliary tools, such as IDE.

If you want to do web development in the future, then knowing JavaScript, you will not need to learn an additional language to create a site server. The thing is that the Node.js platform appeared earlier, with which you can develop front-end and back-end, which are part of a web application, using only JavaScript.

The Java programming language for beginners is a very good choice. Whether it becomes your profession or your passion, choosing JavaScript as your first language will not go wrong.

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