Extract sound from a video file on your Mac

Have you ever wanted to extract audio from a video clip or a movie that you enjoyed on your Mac ? Well that’s possible and there are many ways to do it.This time we’ll proceed using QuickTime player which is natively installed with your Mac OS.

Assuming that you’re working on Mac OS, you are supposed first to download and install Perian which is a famous QuickTime plugin that allows to read several video formats. 

  1. Open your video File using QuickTime player. 

     2.  Now if you want just to get the audio of only a part from the video , you can trim the video : go Edit > Trim or Shortcut ( cmd + T ). Then move the yellow handles to change the video limits and click Trim.

Matire Gims

        3.  To get your audio file, just go now to : File > Export , then select “Audio Only” in the Format drop-down menu.Give it a name , click Export  and That’s it ! you did create an M4A audio file that you can enjoy and convert to other audio formats if you want.